The Xhan Tarn Region

This enormous expanse of beach was named after its future counterpart of the same name. The beach here spans for many thousands of miles from the west to the east. The Osperian Forest can be found just to the north.

It's typically a safe place for travelers, as long as they stay out of the water in certain areas. There are large man-eating plants that lurk just under the waters surface in certain stretches of the beach.

There is a popular tourist location located on the beach called the Crimson Cabana. It is considered a safe haven to all of its guest and fighting is forbidden.

Places of Interest

Captain Tillen's Harbor - A large harbor filled with travelers, sailors, and ships. This is the place to go if you seek to travel into the Ocean Region to the south.

Interdimensional Ruins - A mysterious and dangerous place, odd things happen within these unique ruins. There are many secrets yet to be discovered here.

The Great Expanse - The largest span of beach in all the world. This particular beach spans the entire coastline of the Inner Ocean. It is thousands of miles from one end to the other.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Xhan Tarn Region are of moderate threat and should not be taken lightly.

Blue Dragon - Large blue flying reptiles with tank-like hides.

Brunta - Enormous whale-like mammals that live in the oceans of Solaris.

Gratha Bird - Large bird-like creatures that mimic the sounds they hear.

Prana Devil - Aquatic raptor-like creature with razor sharp talons.

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