The Skyhold Region

Situated atop the highest mountain in all the world, the Skyhold Region rest above the clouds. While this region is home to a golden city, it is also the home of many other mysterious areas and hidden dangers.

Places of Interest

Highland Forest - A surprisingly windy forest located in a narrow valley at the top of the mountain not far from the golden city of Skyhold.

Infinities Edge - A special place not far from Skyhold City where travelers can stand at the edge of the world's tallest cliff.

Skyhold City ✪ - The infamous golden city of the Avians is filled to the brim with advanced technology and prideful citizens.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Skyhold Region are high threat and very hostile.

Giran Cloudstrider - The proud leader of Skyhold City, and a stalwart protector of his people. Giran is well known for regarding all other races as inferior.

Sky Guardian - A heavily armored member of the Skyhold army. These soldiers patrol the skies around Skyhold City and swoop down from above to initiate combat.

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