The Plains Region

Often referred to as the Endless Plains, this region spans from the northeastern border of the Osperian Forest all the way to the far side of the planet. This area is filled with thousands of miles of waist-high grass, with a few trails scattered throughout.

The region borders part of the Kazarial Region, the Swamp Region, the Hinterlands Region, and several others. While explorers have only unearthed a few key locations here, it's likely filled with a treasure trove of wonders.

The plains are so vast that many travelers never make it from one side to the other. Some native races thrive in this region, while others steer clear of it.

Places of Interest

Valen'venar ✪ - A popular trade hub built in the far reaches of the Endless Plains, all travelers are welcome here.

Spawning Lake - A mysterious lake full of underwater caverns and tunnels, it is home to strange albino fish.

Canyon Lands - A long and dangerous stretch of canyons that span for hundreds of miles across the plains.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Plains Regions are reasonably low threat with very few exceptions.

Diamond Hide Juroc - Ferocious wolf-like creatures who hunt in packs.

Green Dragon - Large green flying reptiles with tank-like hides.

Juroc Jockey - Small beings who ride upon the backs of the jurocs.

Kepp - Small balls of fluff who bounce around the plains.

Lycanthian - Massive and extremely dangerous wolf-like creatures.

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