The Oceanic Region

This region lies beyond the Xhan Tarn Region's inner ocean and the Broken Isles. It is open ocean for thousands of miles in every direction with a random island here and there. The ocean is usually calm, perhaps eerily so. There are times when storms pass through the region, but it is usually very calm and serene.

When adventuring into the outer ocean travelers must be sure to steer clear of the pirates and more importantly the sea monsters. It is said some of the largest creatures in the world call these waters their home. There are creatures roaming the ocean large enough to swallow an entire ship whole.

Is it believed by many that there is a floating island which roams the southern ocean north of the Frozen Region. This floating island is believed to house an interdimensional gateway which supposedly leads to another realm. It is said that anyone who enters the gateway never returns to the world as they know it.

Places of Interest

Adventure Island - A special place not far from the Broken Isles that houses a small village filled with sights and splendors.

Dormuzahn City ✪ - An infamous pirate city situated on a medium-sized island to the far east of the region. It is filled with thieves, bounty hunters, pirates, and other shady folk.

Ulemner Trench - The deepest trench in the oceans of planet Solaris and a place of mystery and extreme danger.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Oceanic Region are of high threat and often very hostile.

Dormuzahn Pirate - A swashbuckling pirate who roams the oceans in search of treasure.

Depthling - A dangerous tentacled beast that resides in the lower depths of the ocean.

Lophii Angler - Vicious aquatic creatures who live on an island far out in the middle of the ocean.

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