The Mountainous Region

Home to the most massive mountains on the face of the planet, the Mountainous Region spans the same distance as Xhan Tarn. It rests just north of the beaches and stretches the entire length of the continent.

Local lore suggests there is an advanced city of avian beastkin who live at the top of the highest mountain above the clouds. Many have sought out the fabled city, but very few have returned from these exploratory endeavors. There are many sights to see in this region, despite its dangers.

Places of Interest

Adventurer's Lodge - The Class Hall for the Rangers of Solaris, it is located high in the mountains on the edge of a cliff.

Crystalline Falls - An mysterious area where long crystalline structures hang from a cliff in the mountains, like a waterfall.

Guardian Caverns - The home of what remains of the Guardian race. This is where they are created. This cavern is protected by powerful magic.

Hauersburg - A small city built into a valley in the mountains, it is a popular vacation spot and home to the descendants of Hauer Killener.

Thunderwing Den ✪ - The home city of the Thunderwing Brood, a race of dragonkin who returned from the future alongside the Elyndrians.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Mountainous Region are high threat and very hostile.

Eatherling - Ancient, wise, and highly mysterious changelings.

General Lothuron - Kelthuron's second in command, extremely formidable.

Goblin - Small and green, very sneaky and resourceful creatures.

Gold Dragon - Large golden flying reptiles with tank-like hides.

Lord Kelthuron - Lord of the Thunderwing Den and leader of the Thunderwing Brood.

Terrorgrade Beast - Sightless monsters capable of mass destruction.

Tulvarian - Flying creatures with an armored hide and bony tail.

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