The Hinterlands Region

The northernmost expanse of the continent consists almost entirely of the Hinterlands. It is considered to be the home of the Grovekin race, as well as the home to most of the beastkin roaming Solaris.

The region is full of thick forest and jungle. It is incredibly dangerous. The animals and other creatures of this area are huge compared to their counterparts in the different regions of planet Solaris. It was once home to the massive tree-city of Ylelthaeus, but now home to the Grove of Yazmir.

Places of Interest

Grove of Yazmir ✪ - The new home of the Grovekin plant-folk after the fall of the mighty Mother Tree, Ylelthaeus. This grove is home to a small group of beastkin and a new breed of Grovekin plant-folk.

Balthazar's Fortress - General Balthazar serves his master, Grey Fenrir, with an iron fist. His army built an entire fortress along the southern border of the Hinterlands. They attack the Hinterfolk quite often.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Hinterlands Region are of moderate threat and somewhat hostile.

Chimera - Creatures made up of two or more individual types of animals.

Fae - Humanoid beings with wings and who are adept with magic.

General Balthazar - Grey Fenrir's second in command and head of the Black Fortress.

Grand Phoenix - The grand daddy of all other phoenixes on planet Solaris.

Pantherian - Massive cat-like creatures sometimes the size of a horse.

Phoenix - Large and usually gentle perpetually burning bird-like creatures.

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