The Frozen Region

The Frozen Region consists solely of the entire southern continent of planet Solaris. It is an enormous continent at that. If it were cut from the globe and placed over the Osperian Region (the most abundant forested region), it would cover it entirely.

This area is home to some incredibly large frost-wyrms, which are massive subterranean worm-like creatures who tunnel through the ice in search of something to eat. There are a few animals who have evolved to live in the tundra, but other than that there isn't a lot to see in the region, though it is home to the mystical Vale of Vishera.

Places of Interest

Frozen Expanse - The first thing anyone encounters when adventuring to the Frozen Region is the seemingly endless expanse of ice and snow. This area is full of hidden dangers and many travelers have died here.

Aufeis Village - A small fishing village of blue skinned folk known as the Ardanians. They are followers of Queen Vishera and not to be trifled with. While many of them are powerful warriors, just as many are powerful casters.

Vishera's Vale - Queen Vishera's not so humble abode. The queen manifested the entire frozen vale with her own hands, utilizing powerful magic and constructing guardians made of living ice. Her castle is located somewhere deep inside the vale.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Frozen Region are high threat and very hostile.

Frostwyrm - Long and powerful snake-like creatures of the region.

Ice Prowler - Blue beasts who roam the icy wastelands of the region.

Ice Terror - Beasts covered in thick layer of icy armor from head to toe.

Jorgrun - An abnormally powerful frostwyrm who lurks the Frozen Region.

Queen Vishera - The cold-hearted queen of the frozen south.

Queen's Marauder - Ardanian troops who protect Queen Vishera.

Queen's Raider - Elite Ardanian troops who protect Queen Vishera.

Snow Emperor - An enormous icy feline who acts as a guardian of the region.

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