The Crimson Region

This region, also referred to as the Crimson Wilds, is the first to be explored by a group of Elyndrians who used a portal generator to reach planet Lunaris. Is is often considered as a starting zone for characters who wish to explore planet Lunaris.

There are many mysterious creatures in the Crimson Wilds, and many of them seek to eat wary explorers. The plantlife in this region, as with most plantlife on planet Lunaris, is blood red in color... not green like what you might expect.

The plants here are just as deadly as the creatures, many of them will poison, maim, or eat unsuspecting travelers who step near the wrong plant. Be careful.

Places of Interest

Explorer's Landing ✪ - A base camp built by Krauser Killener and a small army of mechanoids during an expedition to Planet Lunaris. It was left behind when the Elyndrians returned to planet Solaris, yet still remains fully functional.

Blood Bogs - Just south of Explorer's Landing is a strange place known as the Blood Bogs. The water here is blood red, although it is not blood at all. Upon closer examination the liquid seems to be more like stomach acid than blood.

Gavdrek Temple - A mysterious temple that has not been fully explored. It was discovered by Captain Rogers when the Elyndrians came to planet Lunaris to seek out the threat that nearly destroyed Elyndaar City.

Possible Encounters

The creatures and beings found in the Crimson Region are of extreme threat and very hostile.

Parasitic Fiend - These creatures have escaped the belly of the deceased Darkling parasite and now roam freely throughout the world.

Scrufaceros - Extremely aggressive red skinned rhino-like creatures with a screw-like horn on their heads.

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