Vegonaar City

A wretched place filled with violence, adultery, sin, and even cannibalism. This is the home city of the Vegonian people and the Cyborgs of planet Solaris. The city stretches for as far as the eye can see, which isn't far due to the fog.

It's actually about 60 kilometers in diameter and filled with structures of various shapes and sizes. Somewhere near the center of the city is a large black temple, the stronghold of Grey Fenrir.

Due to the size and overall complexity of the city it's actually very easy for outsiders to sneak in. There are many taverns, brothels, slave trades, and blackmarket dealers here. Everything from weapon and armors to body parts are sold in the markets.

All foreigners should exercise extreme caution when traveling through the city as the guards and people of the city are easily angered and won't hesitate to brutally murder anyone and leave them laying in the gutter for the rats. This location was documented by Scrios and Krauser Killener.

Bloodbath and Beyond

A famous chain of taverns and stores in the city of Vegonaar. The services offered at these establishments range from the simple to the extreme. Anything the imagination could conjure up can most likely be acquired here, for the right price of course.

Weapons, armors, and other items? Check! Drinks and fighting? Check! Rare delicacies deemed illegal elsewhere in the world? Check! "Companionship" and slave trade? Check!

All of these incredible products and services can be found at any fine Bloodbath and Beyond establishment. The only rule? Stay out of the basement! This location was documented by Scrios and Krauser Killener.

The Black Sanctorium

This temple is the dark sanctum of the evil Grey Fenrir. It is located deep within the city of Vegonaar, which lies in the furthest reaches of The Blasted Region. The Black Sanctorum is an enormous structure that stands out at the center of Vegonaar.

The temple towers above all other structures in the city. The Black Sanctorium is host to all forms of sin, violence, and lust. Grey resides at the top floor of the temple where he performs various dark rituals to appease The Original Evil, Lord Bahumura.

Only powerful groups of raiders should enter this place, as it is incredibly dangerous. This location was documented by Scrios and Krauser Killener.

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