The Hidden Encampment

This camp was built near the edge of a large cliff which overlooks Vegonaar City from a mostly safe distance. The camp is maintained and guarded by some powerful mechanoids and their leader, Wingnut. It is a staging area for the Elyndrians who want to bring the fight against the empire straight to their front door.

The camp is completely shrouded by some highly advanced cloaking technology provided by Krauser Killener and the Solaris Central Laboratories. It is well guarded and protected by some fancy weaponry and a squad of elite mechanoid guards. Black Empire soldiers who venture too close to the perimeter of the camp are often taken out by sharpshooters before they can lift a weapon.

The camp is nearly a small village as it has barracks, a tavern, an armory, a stable, and several guard towers manned 24/7. It's even equipped with a portal generator that can send Elyndrians to and from Elyndaar City in the blink of an eye.

Nightblade Tavern

While Krauser built the tavern for everyone, Kora Nightblade spent so much time here that she claimed it as her base of operations for all activity against the Black Empire. The tavern is pretty basic, but decent sized considering it's just a fancy tent with a bar and a mostly silent mechanoid bartender.

There are many places to sit for eating and drinking, although Kora claimed the back table as her research bench. There are a couple monitors on either side of the tavern connected back to Elyndaar City to share news with the Elyndrians out in the field.

The Barracks Tent

One of the largest tents in the camp, this tent is exactly as the name implies. It's equipped with beds and gear for Elyndrians who choose to stay in the field for days or weeks at a time. Anyone fighting the empire is welcome to stay here. It's equipped with several amenities including showers and a place to wash clothing.

The Armory Tent

The second largest tent besides the barracks, the armory is extremely well equipped with various weapons and armor to protect Elyndrians during any confrontations with the Black Empire out in the field. This tent is protected 24/7 by a heavily armored elite mechanoid called Goliath. Goliath is nearly the size of Rusty when Rusty's using his Juggernaut mech suit, for some perspective.

The Defense Towers

There are two towers lining the outside walls of the Hidden Camp. Even though the towers very tall, they are still hidden by the high tech cloaking devices protecting the camp from prying eyes. The tavern in the back is placed farther away from the probable enemy engagement, the barracks tent in the middle and the armory off to the side. All are well guarded.

The inside of the towers is made purposefully tight. Large enough for an adult Solarian to move around in alright but a Vegonian would find the tighter quarters nearly impossible to fight inside of especially with their fondness of large melee weapons.

The stairs that lead up do so in a spiral going counter clockwise from the ground to the top. Again this is to impede any possible insurgents as while they fight their way up the tower defenders with a shield in their right arm would be even harder to swing at in the stairwell. It was all well designed and seemed to be ready for a siege if needed.

Upon getting to the second floor of the tower one would start to notice that there are holes in the floor. These holes are large enough that someone could easily fire a blaster, or bow into, an accurate mage could even throw an energy blast but only the thinnest of blades could be thrust up or down them. Which Vegonians are not known to carry from everything that is known of them.

Further up on the third level are archer nests in the walls with thin windows that are easy to shoot out of but not so easy to shoot into. One of these seems to have been claimed by a particular mechanoid named Hershel. A once small message board hanging in the nest is covered in tally marks. One can only assume them to be confirmed kills.

The roof has limited access at the moment as it is outside of the camouflage thus can't just let everyone wander up on the roof giving away the secret base.

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