The Blasted Region

The Blasted Region is a massive expanse of dry and very dead land. It makes the Kazarial Region seem full of life by comparison. The dirt in this region is gray, and the dust can easily choke unprepared travelers who don't have the proper gear to travel the land.

The area is home to the Vegonians, who have sapped the entire region of its life-sustaining capabilities using alien technology back in their home city, the Vegonaar. It's incredibly dangerous to travel through this area, and the Vegonians are quick to attack anyone who approaches their city.

Places of Interest

Aufgetaut Oasis - An area of stark contrast to its surroundings, this oasis was once the location of a Vegonian basecamp that was decimated by the Elyndrians.

Burnt Forest - A mysterious oasis that was once lush with plant life and animals but has since been burned to the ground from an unknown event.

Oasis of the Damned - Another oasis, this location is filled with the undead, undead raised by the demon Scrios to watch over it indefinitely.

The Hidden Camp ✪ - A secret encampment built by Krauser Killener and his trusty mechanoid Rusty. This camp is the staging area for all Elyndrian activity against the Black Empire of the region.

Vegonaar City ✪ - The home city of the Black Empire and the Vegonians. Grey Fenrir is the leader of this city. It is surrounded by a massive wall and fully smothered in a dense fog of pollution. It is a place of sin and violence.

Possible Encounters

The creatures found in the Blasted Region are high threat and very hostile.

Automaton - Bizarre abominations who roam the Blasted Region.

Black Dragon - Large black flying reptiles with tank-like hides.

Brimfur - Abominations made up entirely of living tar and brimstone.

Grey Fenrir - The dark lord of the Vegonian people, ruler of Vegonaar City.

Xitha - Large ant-like creatures who feed off of cie energy.

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