The Undiscovered Lands - 2018 to 2019

This storyline progressed the game's timeline five years from the previous storyline. There is still a lot of friction between the various opposing factions, but the focus of the Elyndrians has shifted more toward seeking out undiscovered territory than maintaining war with the Vegonians and their allies. For an unknown reason Grey Fenrir and his closest allies have slipped into the shadows and all but vanished.

While Elyndaar City hasn't changed much, the Elyndrians have gradually expanded their civilization into the various regions of planet Solaris. There are new towns and villages spread throughout the land and new areas to be explored. This storyline has shifted the focus from raiding and player-versus-player combat to casual role-play and player-versus-environment scenarios.

  • Five years of in-game time slipped by and within those five years many new cities and locations sprang up. Krauser Killener and Captain Rogers traveled out to sea from Captain Tillen's Harbor in Xhan Tarn. While out at sea their vessel was attacked by pirates and their journey took a different direction. After defeating the pirates, they wound up on an island far out to sea with a small city named Watercrest.

    After discovering Watercrest it turned out something was amiss with the people. Through some investigation, Captain Rogers and Krauser discovered the truth, a strange creature was brainwashing the townsfolk with mysterious parasites. Krauser and Captain Rogers vanquished the threat, but unfortunately they could not save the victims of the town.

    Krauser took a parasitic specimen back to his lab for further investigation while Captain Rogers and his crew headed out to sea in search of other zombified cities. While Krauser now seeks to uncover the truth behind the parasites, Captain Rogers has his hands full scouring the oceans for more victims of the monsters.

  • Grey Fenrir gained full control over Queen Vishera after she attempted to betray his wishes by using the power of an ancient artifact to take control of Skyhold Mountain and the city atop it. This further unified the power of the Black Empire, giving Grey more control and enabling him to fully control every aspect of the entire empire. Having Vishera fully under his control now allows Grey full access to the Ardanian forces of the Frozen Region to the distant south.

  • The Black Empire managed to successfully corrupt Mother Tree Ylelthaeus in the Hinterland Region. Gradually the entirety of the Grovekin empire fell to the corruption and zombification. Eventually the entire tree, including the city within, fell to the powerful dark magic.

    At the last second Princess Yasmine and a handful of her remaining followers attempted to escape. After fleeing the Mother Tree via a spatial rift created by one of her top spell casters, Yasmine and her people watched from a distance as Ylelthaeus died. As Mother Tree Ylelthaeus slipped away, the Grovekin began to lose their humanoid forms and instead transformed into a grove of trees and other plant life.

    Unlike the others, Princess Yasmine was special, and instead of simply transforming into a tree like the rest of the Grovekin, Yasmine instead turned into the beginnings of a new Mother Tree. The remaining beastkin, those who had not fled with Dorn and the other beastkin, remaining in this new grove. They built a village named after their princess and called it Yazmir Village.

    It is uncertain whether or not Grey and the Black Empire are aware of the new Grove of Yazmir. Surely they will attempt to corrupt and destroy what remains of the Grovekin plant-folk if they get the chance.

  • Krauser Killener and a band of misfits headed to the oceans of planet Solaris, specifically to the deepest cavern in the Outer Ocean. Once there, the group called upon the aggressive numbers of mechanoids from Elyndaar City, against the wishes of the Council of Elders, and cleansed the ocean's waters of the parasitic menace from Planet Lunaris.

    All the parasites are now purged from the world of Solaris, but Krauser's reputation with Elyndaar City has faultered tremendously. The group has now discovered the remnants of an ancient civilization that pre-date current history by more than a quarter of a million years.

    Leaving the troubles of the upper world behind, Garr, Darkclaw, Rusty, and Krauser now seek to discover the truth behind the long lost civilization. Perhaps there is much more to the underwater cavern than they ever imagined. Time will tell...

The Age of Explorers - 2016 to 2018

This storyline focused on building up Elyndaar City. It has become the new central hub and sanctuary for the Elyndrians, and it is located in the central region of the Osperian Forest. The city has become the home of many new explorers and citizens.

The laws of Elyndaar City are enforced by an army of mechanoids crafted by Solaris Central Laboratories. Planet Solaris has become a peaceful planet. The villainous race of Vegonians are defeated, and their remaining numbers fled into isolated regions across the globe.

This new age is perfect for exploration and discovery now that the worst threats of the world are suppressed, but there are still many more threats to subdue.

  • The enormous tree-city of Ylelthaeus was discovered by the Last Guardian, Garr Fengalon. Garr had been traveling through the northern regions of planet Solaris when he stumbled upon a battle taking place at the southern edge of the Hinterlands Region.

    General Balthazar, a follower of Grey Fenrir, had commanded his army to burn the forests of the north to flush out the Grovekin treefolk and Beastkin living there. This battle did not go well for General Balthazar and his men, not only did Garr assist the armies of Ylelthaeus, but he made friends with their leader, Princess Yasmine.

    Yasmine led Garr back to her city and explained how it had remained hidden for so long through the use of powerful magic. Ylelthaeus now acts as the home city to the Grovekin and the Beastkin.

  • One significant sub-story that came out of this storyline was the introduction of the Afterplane dimension. The Shadowgate was discovered by a group of Elyndrians and this enabled explorers to transverse the dimensional barrier into the land of the dead.

    While in the Afterplane the explorers discovered many new things, the Infernal Chasm, the ghostly village of Evermore, the Twilight Grove, and the Great Spiraling Vortex. The group also encountered the guardian of the Afterplane, a monsterous cloud-like entity that keeps the living out of the ghostly realm.

  • Not long after the escapades in the Afterplane, a mysterious blast of energy originating on planet Lunaris struck planet Solaris. More specifically, it struck Elyndaar City. Luckily the cities shields blocked the blast and it caused minimal damage and no casualties.

    A fresh group of Elyndrians gathered at the Solaris Central Laboratories and used a special portal generator to transport themselves directly to the Crimson Wilds, a strange forest filled with blood-red plantlife and menacing creatures.

    The group established a base camp on this new world and started exploring to locate the source of the destructive energy blast that hit their home city. While in the process of exploring several earthquakes occurred and the group discovered an enormous planet eating parasite.

    As it turned out, the Crimson Wilds are the surface level of the subterrean creature.

  • Suddenly struck with telepathic visions of a being call out to them for assistance, the group rode a turbo-boosted zeppelin into the maw of the enormous creature. They landed in the stomach of the planet-eater, and traveled to the source of the telepathic messages.

    They found a prison on an island in a sea of stomach acid and promptly worked to free the being who had called out to them. It was the Elder God Sunder! They freed Sunder and destroyed the evil parasite! Sunder left the group back on planet Solaris and headed off to the far side of the galaxy to recover from years of imprisonment.

  • The focus of the game has shifted! We introduced a level cap for the first time in years, level 200. The focus has been shifted to exploration of the Crimson Wilds, as now, Queen Vishera is after a mysterious object from the Gavdrek Temple. As the storyline evolves and continues on, new regions will be added and the level cap will be increased!

The Vengeful Heart of Winter - 2015 to 2016

Shortly after the destruction of Elyndrel Village, the collapse of Grey Fenrir and his armies and the move to Elyndaar City, the Elyndrians were greeted with a bone-chilling wind from the distant southern reaches of the planet.

This cold front was like none they had ever experienced before. It was unnatural and foreboding. Soon enough the land began to freeze over, and even the tropical beaches of Xhan Tarn were left frozen. The creatures of the world fled to the north, and those who couldn't escape quick enough became frozen in their tracks, left as solid statues of ice as a magical wall of frost swept over them.

Soon enough the Elyndrians uncovered the truth, however. The mystical dragonkin consort of Lord Kelthuron, Queen Vishera, had become corrupted and sought to freeze the entire world. Her mind had been bent and corrupted by Grey Fenrir and his master Lord Bahumura.

Queen Vishera's power had been significantly amplified by this dark force, and she grew stronger with every passing day.

  • As a supernatural blizzard swept over the entire world, everything became frozen over the course of several months. The cold was very detrimental to the plant and animal life throughout the world.

    Traveling became difficult, and throughout this period many inhabitants of Solaris did their best to keep warm and survive. A few brave Elyndrians stood together and traveled to the Frozen Region, home of the source of this world-changing blizzard.

    This group of brave adventurers squared off against the mighty Jorgrun, defeated him, and made their way to the Den of Vishera.

  • When the Elyndrians arrived at the Den of Vishera they made their way deep into the caverns. There they discovered the frozen corpses of many other brave yet unfortunate adventurers.

    The group headed deeper into the caverns and set up a base camp. Soon after, the group began an expedition deeper into the depths of the frozen caverns. The group eventually discovered Vishera's Vale, a frozen forest buried deep below the surface. It was filled with wonders and various creatures made up entirely of living ice. There is still much to explore in this area.

  • Finally arriving at Vishera's inner sanctum, the group was about to head into her castle and shut her down when two other members of the Thunderwing Brood, Lord Kelthuron, and Lothuron, arrived first and beat them to it. The duo dragged Queen Vishera out of her castle kicking and screaming.

    Lord Kelthuron applauded the Elyndrians for their efforts but inevitably sent them home empty-handed. Lothuron promptly destroyed Vishera's power source and ended the world consuming blizzard.

    While Vishera had been captured and her reign of frozen terror ended, she eventually escaped and returned to her castle. While unable to freeze the entire world again, she still poses a significant threat to the inhabitants of planet Solaris.

Rise of the Vegonians - 2014 to 2015

The Rain of Chaos passed, leaving planet Solaris changed forever. The chaos imbued shards stopped falling from the skies, and the havoc brought about by them had subsided. Things were different though.

The citizens of Solaris had to learn new ways of using the abilities they had once taken for granted. For a time the land had been quiet and somewhat peaceful, but a change was fast approaching. Elyndrel Village was the sanctuary for all the many denizens of Solaris, and the atmosphere of Roshema Village was as temperamental as ever.

Every day new discoveries were made, new areas found, and more new travelers from other dimensions arrived at random. Planet Solaris was itself again, and things were good, for a time. The citizens of Elyndrel and Roshema were unaware that war was brewing on the far side of the world, however.

In the western regions of planet Solaris, there was a city of the most brutal and sadistic people, the Vegonians. The Vegonians were getting ready to take the world by storm, and anyone in their path would fall.

  • With the inhabitants of planet Solaris crippled by the events from the Rain of Chaos storyline, Vegonian society flourished to the point they spread out across the world and began wreaking havoc on the citizens of the world.

    The Vegonian had stripped their home region of all its resources and expanded into the neighboring areas with little to no one available to stop them.

  • Grey Fenrir and his army assaulted Elyndrel Village during this storyline. After being completely overwhelmed by the Vegonians, the Elyndrians fled Elyndrel Village in the Arena of the Elites, which acted as a massive flying vessel.

    At the same time, an explosive left behind by the Elyndrians detonated, destroying the entire army of Vegonians and nearly killing Grey Fenrir in the process.

  • The Arena flew (Solaris City style) to the far west where Krauser Killener unveiled a new city, the Elyndaar, a massive city that Krauser and his army of mechanoids had been building in secret since the Elyndrians arrived in the past.

    The Arena touched down in the Gladiator District, taking its rightful place. It still resides there to this day. The Elyndrians were given a choice to stay in the city or live elsewhere. Many citizens remained in the town, and it flourished over the coming months.

  • The Elyndrians raided Vegonaar City, assaulted the Black Sanctorium, and finally put a stop to Grey Fenrir and his antics. It was a harsh battle but the Elyndrians were victorious. After Grey was stopped the Vegonians were scattered and their forces were crippled.

The Rain of Chaos - 2012 to 2014

The mighty Pandemonium Fortress was destroyed in one gigantic explosion. The side effects of this explosion changed all of Planet Solaris over the following months. Chaos shards and fragments from the destroyed fortress were launched into the atmosphere and rained down across the face of the world for several weeks.

Unlike conventional chaos energy, however, these shards were corrupted with the evil power of Bahumura, and when animals and other lifeforms of Solaris touched the shards, they mutated and became hell-bent on killing anything in their path.

  • Grey Fenrir and his evil master, Lord Bahumura, carefully devised a plan to destroy the Pandemonium Fortress. While Krauser was away a group of Vegonians broke into the fortress and set explosives.

    Before Krauser returned the Vegonians destroyed the fortress. When the fortress exploded, corrupted shards of chaos gemstone rained from the sky for days. This was a world changing event. Some of the effects of this event are still in effect to this day.

  • The first effects of the corruption took away the ability for the inhabitants of Solaris to wield their magical abilities. It prevented characters from flying and even hindered teleportation for a time. Over the course of approximately two years the effects faded but some remain even in the most present storylines.

  • This storyline ushered in the use of magical artifacts that enabled characters to better wield their magic energies. For a time it was absolutely necessary to have an artifact in order to use magic. This was a major change as characters of Solaris had always been able to use magic and fly as needed. Everything changed during this storyline.

The Age of the Ancients - 2010 to 2012

After The Undoing a new setting allowed much more freedom to the players. The world was a clean slate at this point. Only a few key World Leaders remained the same as everything else was an open book. It was up to the players to decide what happened next. The next few storylines came about from the ideas of the players.

  • The new fresh start for the Elyndrians ushered in an entirely new storyline, the Age of the Ancients. This new storyline was all about pushing player driven storylines and exploration. Many new world areas were added during this time. Much of the current World Guide was established during this new storyline.

  • During this storyline Krauser Killener discovered an enormous crystalline structure at the bottom of the Outer Ocean. This massive structure and come from the far side of the galaxy and it was heavily imbued with the properties of chaos energy. Krauser and an army of mechanoids turned this massive gemstone into a fortress, the Pandemonium Fortress.

  • During this storyline Krauser Killener also located the original "Laboratory of the Ancients" which is believed to be the special laboratory where the Builders and their followers designed much of the technology found on planet Solaris. It is also the home of the nanobots, which fill the Solarian atmosphere and enhance every living thing on the planet. Krauser modernized the old laboratory and renamed it to "Solaris Central laboratories" after his future lab.

The Undoing - 2008 to 2010

This brief storyline symbolized the reversal of everything that was already established in the original storylines. The Elyndrians had traveled to a time before the original story of Solaris took place. This time reversal gave the Elyndrians the ability to influence a new future, and it allowed the players to fill in some gaps along the way as well. The characters who traveled back in time are the very "Ancient Ones" they once heard stories of in the future.

  • As an enormous destructive wave of energy tore across the surface of planet Solaris the Elyndrians once again sought shelter in the Arena of the Elites. This time however, Krauser Killener had been working on a temporal manipulation machine to draw upon the energy of all the remaining player characters.

    As each of the Elyndrians handed over their energy, Krauser Killener used the time machine to transport the entire Arena back in time approximately 30,000 years! This parked the Elyndrians in the year -13,000, which was 13,000 before the original Great Wars storyline even began. It was an entirely fresh start.

  • Unfortunately, when the Elyndrians escaped to the past, the evil leader of the Vegonians Grey Fenrir stowed away in the Arena with them. When they arrived in the past, Grey escaped into the temporal stream and wound up just a bit further back in time than the Elyndrians. When the Elyndrians arrived, Grey had already corrupted the Vegonians of the past and turned them into violent, cannibalistic monsters.

Wrath of the Neolarions - 2006 to 2008

This saga almost finished off the storyline of The Second Flux. The Neolarians were stopped by a group of heroes who stormed their mothership and set off a powerful bomb. When the mothership crashed, the resulting shockwave ripped across the surface of Solaris and destroyed everything. The remaining Elyndrians had no alternative other than to travel into the past with the help of Krauser Killener, the Watcher.

They left everything behind. The Elyndrians wound up going back in time approximately 30,000 years. Going back so far placed them in a time far before the Neolarians arrived, far before The Second Flux ever occurred, and far before The Great Wars ever began. This unprecedented event allowed the Elyndrians to rewrite history, literally.

  • An enormous spaceship large enough to turn day into night invaded planet Solaris one day. The Neolarians had arrived! Inside the vessel resided thousands of angry Neolarians who wanted nothing more than to kill every inhabitant of planet Solaris and move on to the next world on their hit list. Over the course of the previous 10,000 years the Western Solarians who had fled into space had been raiding other worlds for their resources.

    They had built an enormous ship with a powerful weapon and for 10,000 years they had traveled from one world to the next consuming everything, gaining in power for years, until finally returning to planet Solaris to annihilate it entirely.

  • When the Neolarians first arrived they made short work of every major city, town, and village of the era. Everything the player-base of the time had rebuilt was destroyed over the course of only a couple years. Finally, a group of characters banded together to raid the massive ship and end the attacks once and for all. They succeeded, but at great cost.

    By detonating a bomb in the inner city of the ship they brought down the entire vessel. It came crashing down to the surface of Solaris and exploded in a blaze of glory. The explosion released a shockwave that, much like the Second Flux, rolled across the entire surface of planet Solaris.

The Second Flux - 2003 to 2006

Much like the original story of Solaris, The Second Flux storyline was a fairly long one lasting roughly three years. This storyline triggered a series of events that destroyed the major capital city of the era, Solaris City. It changed the layout of planet Solaris completely and most importantly the storyline sent the character base approximately 10,000 years into the future.

The Second Flux was a new beginning for the game. For a while, it kept things rolling with many secondary storylines. It came to a head when an angry race of advanced Western Solarians returned to planet Solaris. This race had fled the planet during the beginning of The Second Flux. The group became known as the Neolarians. The Neolarians were overwhelmingly powerful, and they returned to eradicate all life on Solaris.

  • The Second Flux was a massive overflow of destructive energy from the core of planet Solaris. It swept across the surface of the world and changed it entirely over the course of 10,000 years. This pushed the in-game Solarian year to approximately 17,000.

  • The destructive flux of energy was unleashed by three mysterious individuals who over the course of several carefully planned events initiated the eruption of highly destructive energy.

  • When the catastrophic event occurred, the Elyndrians found shelter in the Arena of the Elites. The entire structure was then shrunk to the size of a small cube, and taken into an alternate dimension by an Eatherling known as Lumione Therion.

    Lumione was the only being able to withstand the destructive energies of the alternate dimension. While only a few brief moments passed in the alternate dimension, 10,000 years passed on planet Solaris.

    When the group returned, with the assistance of Lumione, they returned to a brand new world where everything was vastly different.

  • As it turned out, two other races from the past found their own ways to survive as well. Two groups of Western Solarians had fled from the flux! One group fled into the oceans, later becoming the Aqualarians.

    The other fled into outerspace, later returning as the Neolarians. While the Aqualarians were a peaceful race, the Neolarians were evil, cold-hearted, and calculating. The space-faring race sought to destroy the entire world when they returned in the distant future.

The Great Wars - 1996-2003

The story of Solaris RPG began during the end of The Great Wars. The Great Wars lasted approximately 7,000 Solarian years. During the war, several factions collided in a series of long battles.

The war finally ended with the mass genocide of a murderous race of beings known as the Vegonians. After the war was over, much the planet was left as a desolate wasteland.

During this time there were a collection of knights that stole the primary focus of the story. For many characters, this was a time of death and quick endings. The player base of the time focused on player-versus-player (PvP) combat.

  • The game began in the Solarian year 6996, which was nearly the end of the great wars. The knights mentioned above finished off the last remaining Vegonians. In the original storyline, the Vegonians were extinct!

  • During this storyline PvP combat was extremely popular. Between 1996 and 2003 over 100 unique characters were slain by opposing players! This was the most PvP-centric era of Solaris RPG's 20+ year history.

  • A legendary race of creatures known as the Orkavian Giants were introduced in the original storyline. One of them was used to attack a major capital city of the time. It was banished to an alternate dimension.

  • The small moon of planet Solaris, planet Nidoria, was destroyed during this storyline. At the same time a major capital city, Astrophia, was destroyed as well. In the current story this planet is known as Lunaris.

  • Toward the end of this storyline a destructive plague swept across the planet and infected a few characters of the time. Characters infected by this plague became known as a violent species known only as the Duraphine.

  • The noteable factions of this era were the Vegonians (driven to extinction by the other factions), the Kazarials of Malduke City, the League of Watchers, the Elyndrians of Solaris City, and the Western Solarians of Baseine City.

  • During this storyline a sub-story involving a group of killer androids from the future took place. The androids time traveled to present day Solaris from an alternate timeline 80 years in the future.

    The androids killed many player characters of the time and even took out some major storyline characters. They were eventually thwarted by a group of Elyndrians and two good androids also from the future.

  • The Dark Vander saga also took place during this time period. It was one of the most influential player driven stories in the 20+ year history of Solaris RPG. Many player characters died during this time. The character known as Vander vanished at the end of the story arc and was never heard from again.

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