The Vital Stat Guide

This section covers the character vital stats of Solaris RPG. It covers everything from basic information like experience (EXP), level (LVL), and gold to core vitals such as strength, vitality, intelligence, charisma, etc, to combat specific stats such as health (HP), armor, magic resistance, hit, dodge, block and parry ratings, and attack power.

Power & Wealth

This section is all about the most basic, yet most important part of the entire vital stat system of Solaris RPG, experience, or as we like to call it, EXP. EXP is gained by role-playing. The more EXP a character has, the more powerful he becomes. Every other stat is based off of a characters EXP and modified by his race and class choices as well as his essential equipment quality.

Another important "stat" is another very basic one, the level. Levels are like milestones in an RPG and leveling in Solaris RPG ends at 50. Levels give perspective to other players, particularly in player-versus-player combat. Quite simply, a level 10 character wouldn't stand a chance against a level 30 character and so on.

Finally, I've tossed gold (I know, not technically a character "stat") into this first section as well. It can be looked at like it's a stat though for our purposes. Like experience, gold is a good measure of how much a character has completed. It's the primary currency of Solaris RPG. The more gold a character has earned, the more goods and services he can buy.

  • Experience (EXP) - Experience points are the fundamental building blocks of character progression in Solaris RPG. The more a character has, the more powerful he will be.

  • Level (LVL) - Levels are milestones. As I mentioned before, leveling ends at level 50 in Solaris RPG.

  • Gold (GLD) - Gold is the currency of Solaris RPG. The more a character earns, the better off he will be in the game world. Gold can be used to buy goods and services from the market shops. Characters can gift it to one another as well.

Core Vital Stats

The core vital stats of Solaris RPG are the meat and potatoes of the vital stat system. Core vitals are determined by a characters race and class choice. There are six core stats, charisma, dexterity, intelligence, perception, strength, and vitality. Each one has a very distinct purpose.

The core stats of a character, modified by his Essential Equipment (armor, relic, and weapon), directly determine the values of his combat stats, but more on that later. For now, let's dive into each core vital stat.

  • Charisma (CHA) - Charisma is a direct measurement of a characters social prowess. In other words, it is a characters likeability. Characters with high charisma are often able to coerce other characters into doing what they want, particularly storyline and non-player characters.

  • Dexterity (DEX) - Dexterity determines a characters agility, reflexes, and overall quickness. It influences attack and movement speed as well as determines how easily a character can avoid his enemies attacks. In Solaris RPG a characters dexterity directly influences his hit, dodge, block, and parry ratings.

  • Intelligence (INT) - Intelligence is the measurement of a characters mental capacity and his intellect. Characters with a high intelligence score usually have a heightened ability to cast spells and control the magical forces of the world. In Solaris RPG a characters intelligence directly influences his magical "Resist Rating" and his "Magic Attack" power along with the quality of his relic.

  • Perception (PER) - Perception is the measurement of a characters awareness of his surroundings. Characters with high perception are often more alert and cautious. Having a higher perception allows a character to spot traps or other hidden dangers easily. Perception also enables a character to detect the overall power of those around him, but only if his own perception is higher than those around him.

  • Strength (STR) - Strength is a measurement of how physically powerful and resilient a character is to physical damage. It controls the maximum weight a character can lift, his "Melee Attack" power, and along with his armor helps determine his "Armor Rating". It also influences his "Block Rating".

  • Vitality (VIT) - Vitality is a measurement of a characters overall health. It directly influences a character's HP (Health Points). It is a measurement of a characters stamina and endurance during a battle or perhaps when traveling over long distances. The higher a characters vitality the better, because once it reaches zero... he's dead!

Combat Vital Stats

This is where things get a little more complicated. This section is perhaps the most complex of the entire guide. The combat stats, or secondary vitals, are critical for doing battle. Each of these stats is directly determined by the core vital stats above, as well as a characters race and class choice along with his essential equipment quality.

The "Armor Rating", "Magic Attack" power, and "Melee Attack" power of a character are also influenced by the quality level of a characters Essential Equipment, such as his armor, relic, and weapon. If you plan to do player-versus-player combat, raid world bosses, or even do player-versus-environment combat, pay close attention to this section, and then pay a visit to the Combat Guide as well.

Defensive Stats

  • Health Points (HP) - Perhaps the easiest of all the combat stats, HP is the most critical stat of them all. The higher a characters HP is, the better off he is. If your HP reaches zero, you're dead. Game over man!

  • Resist Rating (RES) - Resistance is actually short for Magical Resistance. The higher a characters "Resist Rating" is, the less magical damage he will sustain from spells and magical forces. This stat is particularly important when facing off against caster-type characters.

  • Armor Rating (ARM) - Much like Magical Resistance above, the characters "Armor Rating" reduces physical damage. The higher a characters Armor Rating is, the less physical damage he will sustain from melee weapons and physical attacks such as punches and kicks from an enemy character.

Avoidance Stats

  • Dodge Rating (DOD) - The dodge rating of a character determines how likely he is to avoid a strike from his opponent. Dodging is the act of physically moving out of the way of an attack, whether it be physical or magical. As mentioned previously, a character's dodge rating is directly compared to his enemies hit rating to determine a success chance. A successful dodge completely negates damage from an enemy attack.

  • Block Rating (BLK) - Very similar to how dodging works above, a characters block rating determines how likely he is to physically stop an attack with an object, usually a shield. Block rating is effective against both physical and magical attacks. A successful block completely negates damage from an enemy attack.

  • Parry Rating (PAR) - Much like blocking and dodging, a characters parry rating determines how likely he is to deflect his opponents weapon(s) with his own weapons. It's not quite like blocking and often provides an opportunity for counter attacking an opponent while they recover from having their weapon deflected. A successful parry maneuver completely negates damage from an enemy attack.

Offensive Stats

  • Hit Rating (HIT) - The hit rating of a character determines how likely he is to successfully strike his opponent. Hit rating is pitted directly against an enemies chosen avoidance stat (dodge, block, or parry) to determine a successful strike.

  • Magic Attack (MAG) - Short for "Magical Attack" power, this stat determines how powerful a characters spell casting and magical attacks are. This stat is directly influenced by a characters intelligence score and relic quality. After a successful strike has occurred, this stat is pitted against an opponents magical "Resist Rating" to determine how much damage has been done to his HP.

  • Melee Attack (ATT) - Much like "Magic Attack" power, "Melee Attack" power behaves in much the same manner. Melee Attack power determines how powerful a characters physical melee strikes are. This stat is influenced by a characters strength score and weapon quality. After a successful strike has occurred, this stat is pitted directly against an opponent's own "Armor Rating" to determine how much physical damage has been done to his HP.

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