The Market Guide

This guide covers in-game currency and how to purchase and sell items. It also includes information on discounts provided to any characters who take on profession. It includes a list of different shop types and profession types.

Currency (Gold)

The economy of Solaris RPG is centered entirely around gold coins. Gold is a purely universal currency recognized by all citizens, markets, and civilizations throughout the world of Solaris.

While gold was once earned by completing quests, it is now passively earned by simply participating in role-play sessions. Gold earnings are automatic and equal to 50% of your total word count per session. The only rule to this is that a character must contribute at least 1,000 words to a session to earn gold.

Purchasing Items

One of the fastest ways to get an item or piece of equipment is to purchase it from the market in Elyndaar City. There are many different items available, including weapons, armors, shields, jewelry, runes, gadgets, potions, and otherwise that can be bought from the various markets.

The gold required for buying any item is listed in the respective market shop. All one must do to purchase an product or service is to visit The Marketplace forum and copy and paste whatever they wish to buy into a new topic on that forum.

Profession Discount

When shopping from any shop in the market system of Solaris RPG, any character with a profession will receive a 30% discount on any product or service from the market. This little perk is to encourage characters to choose a profession and make their own shop with unique goods and services to sell.

Resale Value

At any time a character may sell a non-unique item back to the market at 75% market value. If the item a character is selling is a custom or unique item, weapon, or armor, any enhancements or enchantments will be taken into account for its overall resale value.

Available Professions

Upon reaching level 17, any character of Solaris RPG may choose to take on a market profession to earn some extra money. The following is a list of all the Market Professions that a character may choose to become once achieves the appropriate level. Taking on a Market Profession allows a character to start his own shop and sell his own goods and services.

  • Blacksmith - Masters of molding raw metal ores into incredible weapons, armors, and shields. The Blacksmith of Solaris are experts at making all the melee weapons, armors, and shields that anyone would need during a battle.

  • Chaplain - A war Chaplain specializes in selling prayers, blessings, holy artifacts, and the spoils of war to the citizens of Solaris. Prayers sold by a chaplain can improve attack power (both magical and physical) and offer other boons.

  • Craftsman - Expert artisans who are capable of making the best clothing, light armors, jewelry, and even light weapons. Craftsmen are masters of guilding and tailoring along with many other things.

  • Enchanter - Citizens capable of enchanting items, weapons, and armor with magical properties of limitless potential. Enchanters are capable of giving items, weapons, and armors special, magical properties.

  • Engineer - Highly skilled citizens capable of upgrading the essential equipment (armors, relics, and weapons) of other classes. This is the only profession capable of improving the quality of gear.

  • Handler - Handlers are experts at capturing the creatures of Solaris. Many Handlers set up shop in the cities and towns of the world to sell either companions or mounts. Some of them sell both, but most of the time they specialize in one or the other.

  • Salvager - These citizens own and operate shops that buy old and used custom unique items and then resell them. These citizens are vital in the role of reclaiming old items, weapons, and armors and putting them to good use in the hands of other citizens who might make use of them.

  • Scientist - There are many various types of Scientist, some of them tinker with genetics while others tinker with technology. Scientists are experts at getting ancient technologies functioning again and also experts at making new types of technology from things that citizens bring them.

  • Sigilist - Sigilist create magical designs that can be placed on an object or person to give them a special ability of some sort. Some sigilists may apply designs like tattoos would be applied to a person, or engrave them into an item of some kind, others might actually burn the design into a person with a hot iron.

Shop Types

Upon reaching level 22, any character of Solaris RPG with a market profession may choose to open his own shop somewhere in the world. This section gives an overview of what each market shop is capable of. The following section is a list of all the current shop types. Keep in mind there may be multiple shops of the same type available at any given time.

Items, enchantments, gadgets, scientist modifications, and certain runes should be unique from one shop to the next. Be creative when making your own shop and keep in mind that the administration will have to approve anything a shop might sell.

  • Blacksmith Shops - The Blacksmith sells metal weapons and armors. Occasionally, he may venture slightly off the path of metals, especially when it comes to items that are made of both metal and non-metal components.

  • Chaplain Shops - Chaplain shops specialize in selling prayers, blessings, holy artifacts, and the spoils of war from previous battles to the citizens of Solaris. These goods and services can be incredibly useful when heading into battle.

  • Craftsman Shops - The Craftsman is very similar to the Blacksmith, although he will mostly stick with non-metal armor and armaments. It is very rare that he will delve into work the metal weapons and armor; if an item has metal and non-metal components, like a spear, it is likely that it is in the realm of the blacksmith’s expertise.

  • Enchanter Shops - The Enchanter doesn’t provide goods, but rather services. The Enchanter will enhance items already currently owned by the character! Enhancements sold by the Enchanter are called enchantments and cover a wide variety of effects.

  • Engineer Shops - Engineers provide an essential service to all other classes. Engineers are capable of upgrading the essential equipment (armors, relics, and weapons) of all other classes to the next quality level. Engineers are the only profession capable of completing this work.

  • Handler Shops - While you can always go out and catch your own companion or mount, the Handler Shops are the number one place to buy companions and mounts. These creatures come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Salvager Shops - These are shops ran by Salvagers that buy used unique items, weapons, and armors from player characters and resell them for a reasonable price. The salvage shops of Solaris make sure old items find a new home with new owners.

  • Scientist Shops - The laboratories of Solaris have several fields of expertise: enhancements, gadgets, genetics, and surgeries. Just like an Enchanter, a Scientist has a small range of enhancements he can be put on an item, called technologies.

  • Sigilist Shops - These are shops ran by sigilist that sell magical inscriptions that provide both cosmetic and mechanical purpose during role playing. Sigils are often inscribed directly on the user's body but sometimes one of their possessions.

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