The Magic Guide

This section covers all types of magic available to the heroes of Solaris RPG. These forces represent the different types of energies that the characters of Solaris have learned to control over the years.

The magical forces we have listed below are the most common; though there are hundreds of forces that are obscure or negligible enough not to be found here.

Any character may choose a single magic type as his magical spell base. Magic type is selected during character creation on the registration page but can be changed later.

Available Magic

Air Magic - One of the most common elemental magic types, this force is incredibly powerful but difficult to master.

Celestial Magic - Often used by the Cleric and the Paladin, this force is for those with a connection to higher power.

Chaos Magic - A powerful yet highly destructive magic, this force is deeply rooted in the beginnings of the Nomaverse itself.

Cie Magic - A highly radioactive deep earth metal, this force is drawn out of isotope of Ciedieum known as Ciedium 392.

Earthen Magic - Another of the most common elemental magic types, this force is unrelenting, crushing, and highly defensive.

Eather Magic - The lifeblood of an Eather Changeling, this force is incredibly corrosive and terrifyingly destructive.

Electrical Magic - Another of elemental magic types, this force is often associated with speed and incredible power.

Fire Magic - Another of the most common elemental magic types, this force is one of the most destructive magic types in existence.

Gravity Magic - A mysterious magic that bends one of the most basic laws of nature, this force can bring entire armies to their knees.

Ice Magic - A versatile magic that may be used equally in either offense or defense, this force has quite a history on planet Solaris.

Nature Magic - Often used by the nature centered classes such as the Druid and Ranger, this force enables control of plants and animals.

Nether Magic - Frequently wielded by Demons, this force is terrifyingly powerful and is capable of inducing fear in all but the most powerful warriors.

Psionic Magic - A very rare magic often utilized by the mentally adept, this force enables its wielder to use telekineses and telepathy.

Shadow Magic - A powerful, dark, and deadly magic from the Original Evil himself, this force is very common within the Black Empire.

Spirit Magic - Often used by some Clerics and Monks, this force is often wielded by those who are spiritually disciplined.

Water Magic - Another of the most common elemental magic types, this force is amazingly versatile when used in the right conditions.

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