The Faction Guide

This section covers all of the factions of Solaris RPG. Factions are groups of individuals who have a common goal in mind. There are many different factions in Solaris RPG and not all of them appear on this list as it is a work-in-progress. Keep in mind, some factions are friendly to outsiders while others are not. This ever-expanding list will continue to grow over time as the game changes.

Friendly Factions

  • The Elyndrians - The Elyndrians are a group of like minded individuals who are comprised primarily of citizens from Elyndaar City and it's surrounding areas in the Osperian Region. This group strives to uphold balance in the world. They are often seen as defenders of the weak. When wordly threats come to light, it is often the Elyndrians who stop them. While not officially considered a leader of the faction, Krauser Killener is often seen guiding this group to victory.

  • The House of Noma - The House of Noma is an all-encompassing ecclesial of those who worship Noma, Creator of the Nomaverse. There are many different denominations and churches in the House of Noma which claim to be the one true House. The central column that binds all House of Noma is that they all pay tribute to their creator. Wherever one goes around Solaris there is sure to be found a House of Noma.

  • The Natives - Any group of nomadic native Solarians encountered on planet Solaris fall into this faction. They may travel all over the world, but wherever you find them, they are always referred to as the Natives by other races. The Native people are friendly to other travelers. They greatly fear the Vegonians and the Black Empire. The Elyndrians have freed the Natives from Vegonian slave camps many times.

  • The Roshemians - Often seen as a band of exiles, the Roshemians once called the village of Roshema their home until it's destruction. The remaining members of the group are now scattered and nomadic. Zenatory is often seen as the leader of the Roshemian faction. The group once stood against the Elyndrians, particularly Krauser Killener, but their differences were worked out over time. The remaining Roshemians are now frequently seen assisting the Elyndrians with various worldly threats.

  • The Yazmirians - Once known as the Hinterfolk, this group of Grovekin and Beastkin live and thrive in the Grove of Yazmir deep within the Hinterlands. The Yazmirians maintain distance from the other races of Solaris, but do not turn travelers away when they visit the area. After the destruction of Ylelthaeus City, the Yazmirians have kept quiet and remained hidden away from the Black Empire.

Hostile Factions

  • The Black Empire - Grey Fenrir and his evil master, Bahumura, are primarily responsible for this groups existence. After The Undoing occurred, Grey and Bahumura sought out the brutish race of Vegonians and turned them into cannibalistic monsters. This group primarily resides in the Blasted Region, particularly in Vegonaar City. Recently the group began spreading out to other regions, wreaking havoc across the land. The Elyndrians keep them in check, mostly.

  • The Cult of the Bound Shadow - The Cult of the Bound shadow is a mysterious organization that has been seen operating in the northern plains and the swamp region. The Cult of Bound Shadow is composed of creatures from many races worshipping an ancient being of immense power. The cult seems to favor tactics of subterfuge and to sow fear amongst the local population. Very little is known about their end game. They grow their numbers through promises of dark powers and untold wealth which draws the attention of the downtrodden members of society.

  • The Ruathar - The strongest warriors in Aufesian society have banded together and formed the Ruathar. These warriors are the more violent raiding party that strike fear into the hearts of coastal villages, when their ships appear on the horizon. Their sails have patchwork designs of Vishera's visage colorfully displayed in their center, and they will stop at nothing to please her. Ruathar wholeheartedly devote their existence to Vishera, and treat her as the living goddess that she is. Their ranks are filled with various experts in battle, ranging from archers and foot soldiers, to wizards and clerics. Thought of throughout the Aufesian people as zealots, these people are not one to approach with ideas of attacking Vishera.

Neutral Factions

  • The Cloudstriders - A hermit nation built high in the mountains, the Cloudstriders are often cold to outsiders. The group prefers to be left alone and will only help other factions if it benefits them. The group is led by the mighty Giran Cloudstrider, a beastkin of avian descent. Giran is often seen a righteous and hard working, a stalwart protector of his people, but he is weary of anyone who seeks out his city in the clouds.

  • The Da'Karians - A legendary group of Builders who quite literally designed and built the Nomaverse from the ground up. The group is responsible for the creation of the entire Solarian system. These beings are quite a rare sight these days. It is believed their leader, Dakon, resides somewhere on planet Solaris. Many believe the Builders hold the secrets of the Nomaverse and they are sought after by many explorers.

  • The Exiles - A group of beastkin who fled Ylelthaeus City during a plague outbreak. They are led by Commander Dorn, a master of electrical magic and a fierce wolfkin. They cut ties with the Grovekin during the plague outbreak when many of their people were slain by mutant plant-folk. They traveled to the far south where they headed overseas to an isolated island in the Broken Region. This is now their home. They are neither hostile or particularly friendly with outsiders.

  • The League of Watchers - A mysterious league of powerful beings tasked with silently observing the Nomaverse and all of its inhabitants. Each Watcher has a territory they reside over. They are immortal beings separated from time itself by none other than the deity Obel'jon. These beings remain distant and are required to never interfere with the inhabitants of their territory. If they do assist or disrupt the cultures of their territory there are harsh consequences.

  • The Protectors - The group of beastkin who remained in Ylelthaeus City with the Grovekin plant-folk during the destruction of the city by the Black Empire. The Protectors have vowed to protect the new Grove of Yazmir and it's people. They aren't very friendly to outsiders and shun The Exiles who abandoned the city during troubled times. The Protectors hate Commander Dorn for walking out on Ylelthaeus City during its greatest time of need.

  • The Thunderwings - The Thunderwings are a collection of dragons and dragonkins led by Lord Kelthuron. Typically the Thunderwing Brood keeps a low profile and primarily focuses on rebuilding their fallen empire after the events of The Undoing. Lord Kelthuron and High Marshal Lothuron will often step in to assist the Elyndrians if a powerful foe threatens the world of Solaris. They will help those in need, but often remain distant from other factions while trying to rebuild their kingdom.

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