The Deity Guide

Throughout the history of planet Solaris several different Gods or Deities have been mentioned. This guide is here to list all known Solarian Gods and Goddesses in alphabetical order. The deities here range in power from lesser gods all the way to the most powerful God, Noma.

Deities of Solaris

Bahumura - The Original Evil himself, Bahumura. He is believed to be nearly as powerful as Noma and perhaps an equal to Obel'jon. He's often referred to as the Dark God, and the majority of the Black Empire worship him as their deity of choice.

Dakon - Worshipped by many as a God, Dakon is actually a Builder who is believed to have created planet Solaris itself. Dakon was the first in a race of biomechanical constructs created by Noma to travel the dimension creating entire planets.

Noma - The All Father, the Creator, the All Mighty... Noma is well known to be the Prime God of the entire Nomaverse. His origins are shrouded in mystery and he's never been encountered by a mortal being as far as history is concerned.

Obel'jon - Arguably second in power to Noma himself, Obel'jon is a mysterious deity. He is responsible for mapping out the entire Nomaverse, establishing the League of Watchers, and maintaining a balance of power throughout the cosmos.

Phoenix - One of the Elder Gods, or Beast Gods, the Grand Phoenix is a mysterious creature capable of miracles and rebirth. Throughout history this being has been sought out to restore life to the fallen champions of Solaris.

Sunder - Another of the Elder Gods, Sunder often takes the form of an enormous feline. Many natives worship him. Sunder has be known to work closely with the Elyndrians against the Black Empire and Lord Bahumura.

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