The Companion Guide

At level twelve a character may claim his own companion or pet. Companions, sometimes referred to as a familiar or pet, is a creature that your character has captured, created, or purchased from another character or market shop.

Please keep in mind that characters may only have a companion from currently listed creatures in the World Guide.

How do I get a companion?

You may obtain a companion through a role-play session. In the role-play session you can act out buying, capturing, or creating the companion/pet. There are many ways of obtaining a companion.

What can a companion do for me?

Companions are used for an extra touch to role-play sessions. Players are encouraged to use their companions for added flair to their sessions. Companions may be used during combat as long as they are used fairly and wisely.

What happens if my companion dies?

If someone kills your companion it is gone unless you can manage to get a cleric to revive it or if it is a mechanoid it could be repaired by Solaris Central Laboratories. In the event that a companion is killed, the character may choose to get a new one using the methods listed above.

How do I get a mount?

Any creature of the proper size could potentially be claimed as a character's mount. Mounts are like companions, but may be listed separately in his or her inventory. Characters may only have one mount.

Key Points

  • Companions cannot have equipment, items, or abilities.

  • Companions are mostly used for making role-play sessions more interesting.

  • Companions are listed in a character's inventory.

  • Mounts are listed in a character's inventory, and may be separate from a companion.

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