Class Description

Willing to kill or protect, to guard or to steal, a Mercenary will do about anything provided the price is right. They may not hit as hard as a Warrior but their rapid attacks mixed with elaborate dodges often times leave them as the last one standing. Most shun the use of bulkier weapons because it inhibits their quick tactics. Mercenaries shun the use of the heavier armors as well, and who could blame them? The best defense is not getting hit.

Class Capabilities

  • Capable of going completely stealth until they attack an enemy.

  • Capable of wielding two weapons at the same time in battle.

  • Capable of trapping enemies and preventing movement for one turn.

Class Characteristics

  • Skilled with many forms of ranged weaponry (bows, crossbows, etc)

  • Good with light and medium melee weapons (swords, daggers, etc)

  • Typically wear light and medium armors (cloth, leather, mail)

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