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Character's Abilities

Magic Resistance - Due to Jorgrun's incredibly thick hide it is surprisingly resistant to all types of force magic. Everything from the elements to the energies of Solaris is nearly useless against this beast, that is until you take a chunk out of it's hide and attack the weakened tissues within. If enough damage is done to specific locations on the beasts hide weak spots will appear and force magic will become far more effective if used upon the damaged areas. After enough damage Jorgrun will burrow into the ice and try to flee or catch the group by surprise from below. (Type: World Boss)

Burrowing Attack - Jorgrun's initial attack is often from below. He always gets the first attack during a battle because of this. (Basically, you don't find Jorgrun, he finds you.) Once he takes enough damage he will burrow into the ice again and take a few moments to gather his wits, and then sneak attack again. This sneak attack cannot be avoided and is guaranteed to always strike one member of the group. Jorgrun may do this several times in a battle. Anyone hit by this attack will be thrown high into the sky and must either fly or be rescued by someone else in the group who is capable of flight. If not the raider will be critically injured when he hits the ground. (Type: World Boss)

Frost Breath - Jorgrun consumes ice as he burrows through it. He can use this ability after using his burrow ability. He will often burst through the ice and blast the group with his icy breath. When he uses this ability every raider in front of him must dodge the attack or be frozen solid for a turn. (Type: World Boss)

Tail Sweep - When Jorgrun has been severly weakened he will begin using his tail to sweep the raid at random. Raiders must either jump over his tail or be struck, which will result in significant damage and being stunned for a turn. Being that Jorgrun is quite enormous, his tail is about fifteen feet in diameter and will instantly kill anyone under level 80 who is struck by it. (Type: World Boss)

Devour - Jorgrun is capable of consuming a single raider at a time by quite simply devouring them whole. This doesn't kill them instantly however, it takes time to digest a raider and if the rest of the party can defeat Jorgrun he will often vomit the devoured raiders up before fleeing back into the ice field. It's possible the raider's may simply kill Jorgrun, in that case they can cut open his belly and pull their friends out. Jorgrun may attempt to devour a raider at any point during a battle with him. (Type: World Boss)

Character's Biography

Jorgrun is a large and very powerful Frostwyrm located in the Frozen Region. Judging by his size it is believed the creature has lived there for over 1,000 years and has been picking off travelers for most of that time. He seeks only to consume lesser creatures and become more powerful. Jorgrun was discovered recently when a group of raiders traveled into the Frozen Region to locate the Den of Vishera. The creature shows some signs of intelligence but mostly seems driven by the need to feed. It does not seem Jorgrun is tied to Vishera in any way, he is just a creature of the Frozen Region. There are likely many more of his kind burrowing through the ice, although it is believed he may be the largest.

Character's Biography (Part 2)

After he was believed to have been slain by a group of raiders, Jorgrun's body was left lying in the desolate Frozen Region. When a group of explorers later returned to the area to examine the corpse of the beast it was discovered that Jorgrun wasn't dead at all. His body was gone and only some frozen blood remained. As the explorers began to leave the area the ground began shaking and suddenly Jorgrun bursted through the ground. The explorers fled the area, narrowly avoiding disaster. It was clear the creature had been wounded and suffered major battle scars, but he was certainly not dead.

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