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Character's Armor

Raven Guard


Drake has been using the same armor the Krauser crafted for him for many, many years. The black liquid metal flowing over his body has been the signature of Drake getting serious in battle, but as battles have gotten more intense, he has found the protection it provides being outclassed severely.

This new armor uses the original armor two biotech glands installed into the back of the Drake’s neck, just under the back of the skull, and also two new biotech glands installed in the lumbar region of Drake’s spine. Instead of liquid Cie or quicksilver, this uses a newer nanite technology to cover Drake in a similar, but more protective armor.

The benefits of the nanites over the liquid cie, is a quickened ability to cover Drake's entire body, the ability to reinforce vital areas with extra layers of armor, better able to interface with AID, and that the nanites can take the shape of anything clothing Drake wishes, still providing protection. The downside is that Drake, and any potential owner of this armor, cannot control the nanites without the assistance of NIC.

  • Type: Armor, Class: Light, Quality: Ascended

  • Notes: Unique, Family Curse, Indestructible, Shadow Walk

Character's Relic

Rerek's Wand


The hilt of his sword was all that was really left except for shards of metal and ruby. Drake took the hilt and made the best of a bad situation. It is still tightly wrapped in dragon leather.

Drake had the excess metal of the blade removed from the Dragonhead handguard and had his Chaos Jewel set into the mouth. This acts as a conduit for Drake's chaos powers, but he is relying less and less on it. The wand, like the sword, constantly makes a barrier around the user like a second skin, protecting the caster from extreme heat and cold environments.

  • Type: Relic, Quality: Ascended

  • Notes: Fire/Ice Barrier Creation, Family Curse, Summon, Indestructible, Unique

Character's Shield

XV34 Shield

Having developed Jacob's eye implant, he was pushed on his abilities to package technology in a small area. He took this, his prior research in shielding, and his recent encounter to develop a very interesting Drone measuring 2.5 inches in diameter.

The Drone splits apart and an energy field is generated between the pieces. Producing a large energy shield capable of protecting from physical and energy attacks.

Twice per battle, this Drone can overload it's circuits and completely shield the Drone from an attack, but the shield is lost for two rounds as it reboots. This really has no use for anyone else due to the drone's inability to move but in coordination with Drake's AID, the benefit is substantial.

  • Type: Shield

  • Notes: Unique

Character's Inventory


Short for Armor Integration Device, this was concocted and created by Drake. It is a small disc roughly three inches in diameter. It is made of blackened cie with the outer edge having a thin rim that protrudes roughly a half an inch outwards while the center is flat, made of the same material as his armor.

Similar to his armor, this item had to be implanted in his body. Drake chose the center of his chest and similar to the armor he had implanted, this device is connected through his somatic nervous system and to the glands that control his armor.

Like his armor this device is controlled with his mind. This allows him to absorb items into his chest and pass along the special and aesthetic properties to his armor. Drake was able to successfully use the Void Storage Cube that he bought from Krauser to increase the storage of his gadget to 10 items. Due to how complicated this connection is, Drake has to rely on MAI to control the processes.

  • Type: Gadget

  • Notes: Unique

Void Storage Cube

This impossibly tiny metallic cube is capable of storing ten additional pieces of equipment for a character. It's exactly one-cubic-inch in size. The owner simply presses the surface of the cube in two key locations, tosses it on the ground, and it will expand into a large chest that opens into a pocket dimension. This is the same type of technology that allows the Arena of the Elites in Elyndaar City to shrink to such an impossibly small size.

  • Type: Gadget

  • Notes: Common

Character's Companion


Mechanoid Armor Interface, or MAI, is a special order mechanoid that Drake had Krauser build for him. It is far smaller than the Class C Droids that Krauser stocks in his shop as it is designed to be connected inside Drakes body to his armor and the AID. It's main purpose is to control the nanites and AID, due to their recent upgrades.

This droid has no moving parts and is just the brains of the droid. This model has advanced intelligence and a personality chip to make it more bearable, since it will be able to communicate directly to Drake. It uses Drake's senses, gathering data to help Drake in his adventures, due to it's connection to Drake nervous system.

  • Type: Companion

  • Notes: Unique

Character's Abilities

Raven Lineage


Drake's mastery of his chosen energies is the result of a mix of talent, hard work, a lot of time, and the inherent strength passed on by his parents. This manifests in two ways for Drake.

The first way, Drake can charge up for a full turn and in the following release a very devastating attack. This is much more powerful than Drake's normal attacks, but is easier to see coming since it takes time.

The second way, Drake can perform a nearly instant attack, normally after a parry or a dodge. This attack is meant to catch the opponent off guard having no warning before it is cast but has less power than a normal attack.

  • Allows for amplified magical attack at 150% regular magical power (mechanical)

  • Allows for an instant counter attack at 50% regular attack power (mechanical)

Mage's Gambit


This defensive move was developed mainly for and is strongest against those who are proficient with only physical or energy attacks.

Once per battle, Drake can seemingly "block" a single attack, whether physical or energy in nature. This "block" will seem, even on Solaris, impossible, but this "block" is Drake using the balance within to redirect the attack.

If Drake blocks a physical attack, the strength of the attack is added to Drake's next energy attack. If Drake blocks an energy attack, the strength of the attack is added to Drake's next physical attack.

  • Allows Drake to pull off a seemingly impossible block against any attack (mechanical)

  • Allows Drake to enhance his attack power (magical or physical) with his enemies own power (see description) (mechanical)

  • Impossible block is only usable once per battle (limitation)

Chaos Supremacy


Drake’s command of Chaos Energy rivals any being on Solaris. He has developed his abilities, specifically his ability to control this energy, very quickly due to his devoted practice as a Magnus.

Drake’s ability has progressed so far that he has become a conduit for Chaos energy. Chaos energy will gather in large amounts near Drake, ready for his use. This energy is unseen, but the pressure around Drake is very noticeable to all who are even remotely close to his strength.

Non-chaos magic wielding opponents will find themselves adversely affected by it in the form of many different ailments, but being lightheaded, difficulty breathing or becoming nauseous are the most common.

Allies that share his attunement with Chaos Energy will find that their casting is also increased due to the abundance of energy available. Drake can concentrate at any time to dissipate this effect.

  • Reduces non-chaos magic user's dodge rating by 50% throughout battle (mechanical)

  • Increase magical attack power of himself, and other chaos magic wielding allies by 50% throughout battle (mechanical)

Swordmage’s Helix

Using this spell, Drake is able to absorb his weapon and prepare a rather devastating, yet precise attack. A cone of Chaos energy mixed with the physical energy of his sword emerges from Drake’s palm and begins spinning rapidly.

The cone is small, but the amount of energy contained within it is immense. This attack travels towards the opponent in a straight line with two spirals of energy pushing the cone towards the opponent. Since this is more than just an energy attack and can damage an opponent at a higher level than Drake due to it being a combination attack.

When the cone makes contact with the opponent, they will find that it doesn’t explode. Rather it is a solid form of Chaos energy and it will begin to drill through the opponent for added damage. After the attack dissipates, Drake’s sword is returned to him automatically through the summon spell on the sword.

  • Attack does an amount of damage equal to Drake's magical and physical attack power (mechanical)

Chaos Overload


This attack is reserved for a last resort for Drake as the power of the attack is beyond anything else Drake can do, but it’s after effects and its inability to distinguish friend from foe, make it a very dangerous gamble in the heat of battle.

The activation of this ability is very simple and it happens quickly. Drake places a hand on the ground in a crouched or prone position, with a quick incantation, opens the gateway to the massive store of energy provided by his Chaos Supremacy ability.

Chaos Energy explodes from Drake’s eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and every pore in his body in a massive explosion, using his body as a conduit. The area spreads out several hundred yards and a column of energy erupts into the sky several miles.

The damage caused by this ability will leave many in disbelief, but it has its consequences. This affects Drake severely, unable to even move the turn after he uses the ability. This is a very vulnerable time for Drake as he lies helpless on the ground. This is compounded as for two turns further, he is unable to use his energy for anything and is severely weakened.

  • Ability does 250% magical damage (mechanical)

  • Ability damages -all- enemies involved in the combat session (mechanical)

  • Drake loses one turn after using this ability (limitation)

  • Drake cannot use his magic for two turns after using this ability (limitation)

Character's Biography

After being shoved 10,000 years into the future Drake felt out of place and unable to grasp control of the situation and so took time to find his purpose. He stayed in what was the Osperian forest with Zidala. By the time he returned the Neolarion’s ship was overhead and chaos was beginning. When the Neolarions attacked, he was unable to do anything more than sit and watch. He was hoping that he wasn’t going to die without a fight. Well, after being transferred back in time, he once again felt out of place. He was no longer the warrior that could help others, but one that had to sit on the side lines and be saved. Angry at himself, he trained feverishly perfecting his use of Chaos and learning ways to be stronger. He did this all alone, secluded from the world; Drake had returned to form and hadn’t been seen since the Neolarions.

Drake is coming out of seclusion for his own reasons. He is a capable warrior that wants to be respected for his abilities and wishes to use them for protection of Solaris. Only time will tell if he will find his place within the ranks of the warriors or disappear into the forest again.

Character's Biography (Part 2)

Hello, my name is Drake Raven. I have decided to start a written log about myself, because I may be of interest to those historians that get bored of reading about the great battles or legendary figures and wish to focus in on other aspects of history.

I will tell you there will be a few facts of this log that seem a little far-fetched, unbelievable or maybe insane, but I promise that everything written within this log is the truth. To help you understand why I wrote this disclaimer, the first fact you must accept is that I was born thirty-some thousand years in the future from the date of this writing.

As another disclaimer, before I start, I will not reveal the method of time travel. That information is very sensitive and I assume will only be known by select few after we time travelers are no longer alive. Plus, even as a scientist for Elyndrel, I do not fully understand everything that went into pulling us back into this period. So, to the story.

I was born to an Estalas and Zeddic Raven, originally of Solaris City somewhere around the year 7000. The years are a bit fuzzy anymore, as you will see, so we will just not worry about that little fact. Estalas and Zeddic were very magically talented individuals but lacked the skill and the quick wit required to be Knights. They devoted their skills to teaching in the Solaris Academy. They taught young candidates of Solaris City anything from the basics of energy manipulation to advanced techniques with either favored energies.

My parents were on special assignment on the fringe of the Kazarial Region with a small group the day I was born. They had been examining some of the damage in the region and documenting it for Solaris City Scientist in order to predict the amount of time would be needed or intervention required, to heal the region. It was an uneventful period and was the start of a wonderful family. Unfortunately for this picturesque little family, Solaris was a wild and dangerous place, even if the war was all but over with.

While traveling back to Solaris City after nearly two years exploring and documenting for the Solaris City scientist, we were nearing home. The only thing that was in our way was a short jaunt through the forest. Unfortunately, conflict on the scale of the Great War has many unattended consequences, one of those being a pack of Solarian Wolves. Normally docile and not aggressive towards people, these wolves had been living off of stragglers of the war, seen as easy prey, and our group of scientists and scholars were far easier than normal.

I was hidden in the nearby brush by my mother when she knew there were no means of escape and the only chance was to fight. Ultimately everyone was killed and what remained of the wolves turned towards the last and easiest target. I never got Rerek to tell me how he came to find this area or what made him save a Solarian, but a great Red Dragon named Rerek found me and killed most of what remained of the wolves. He was all hell-fire and brimstone as he banked around the clearing, turning the wolves into ash. He soon landed when he knew the threat was gone and collected me and what few supplies that he thought would benefit me. His flight took me off to the Dragon’s Den, though I remember in the deepest parts of my memory, that view of Solaris City floating in the sky, growing smaller. I would live for the next 18 years with Rerek, growing, and learning from the great Dragon.

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